AGATH glass finishes

Fitted with glass specially developed for top of the range applications, AGATH televisions provide out-of-the-ordinary visual comfort.

A range of six finishes available:
– Non-reflective
– Contrast
– De-silvered mirror
– Blued mirror
– Bronze tinted mirror
– Premium mirror

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Finition Miroir Premium

Electronic design

Every television is developed according to AGATH’s technical requirements and benefits from the latest in electronic developments

Product design

Televisions are designed in an integrated engineering department, using top quality materials such as aluminium, glass and Corian®.

Capot module média AGATH
Châssis téléviseurs 82¨ en aluminium

Quality control

On completion of manufacture, televisions systematically and individually undergo a specific testing phase, ensuring that the requirements of AGATH’s quality charter are fully met.

AGATH televisions then spend 24 hours under usage conditions in a burn-in room, subjected to thermal and electrical constraint sequences similar to conditions experienced when built into a wall.


From 13″ to 82″, Agath designs its own transport boxes, thus ensuring that its televisions and glasses arrive safely.

Zone d'emballage