We take care of improving our solutions to optimize your hotel management and to reduce maintenance. AGATH propose and adapt solutions for hospitality requirement.


Developed exclusively by AGATH for hospitality solution, the Media Module MM1300 gives an easy installation for IPTV solutions

Choose the deported media module to optimize maintenance :

  • Easy access to Input/Output without removing the screen
  • In case on maintenance or hardware update, time is minimized and less costs
  • More than 10 times quicker than over bathroom TV solution

Installation sets

Integrated set (T series)
Media module behind the screen for a quick integration

Deported Set (MD series)
access to Input/Output without removing the screen


  • 1 input HDMI (480p, 720p, 1080p – 1080p / 24p)
  • 1 VGA Connection with sound input on stereo jack (max. resolution : 1920 x 1080 ; 60Hz)
  • 1 RS232 input (control TV)
  • 1 Non amplified stereo audio output
  • 1 Amplified stereo audio output
  • 1 IR relay on stereo jack 3,5
  • 1 DVI


RS232 Control:

  • Control of the main television’s functions
  • Volume control by direct value
  • Back-light control (on or off)
  • Blocking function of the remote control
  • Reading of the functions status of the TV

Infra-Red relay 38 KHz :

  • Control of devices deported through the TV
  • Can be connected to a flasher at the rear of the TV

Distinct ON/OFF signals (IR) :

  • 2 distinct signals to switch on and switch off the TV
  • Presence on the remote control of 2 buttons for the 2 signals

AGATH Link (Brevet AGATH)

  • Control of Amino* type set-top box with water-proof AGATH remote control
  • Solution protected by a patent filed in 2009
  • Easy integration of IP television systems in bathrooms or for mirror televisions
  • Two modes of use:
  • User mode: control of the basic TV functions (ON/OFF, Vol+/Vol- and Mute) and set-top box functions.
  • Installer mode: control of all television functions (in order to tune the television: source, stations, brightness, etc.)

Set top box control