Suitable also for bathrooms

Very thin on wall TV with Corian® frame, this serie is very easy to install on your wall

With its deported media module, the MD3 serie is hanging in an elegant way to your wall.
This range of TV benefits a Corian® frame, aesthetically material, easy to clean.

On wall TV with deported media module | Technological upgrading** | Possible customization

  • Very thin TV
  • Waterproof television sets for bathroom or spa
  • Latest generation flat screen
  • Waterproof remote control
  • Television sets complied with the harmony and ambience
  • Use of top-of-the-range materials (glass, aluminium, Corian)
  • Possibility custom built models (colour, size, material…)
  • Cage fireproof


Glasses available in standard sizes :

Bluish mirror

Anti-glare (from 13¨ to 42¨)
Ideal for very bright surroundings

Premium mirror – AGATH Exclusivity
Vanish mirror appearance

Super Clear Mirror
Vansih mirror appearance

Customized glasses exclusively :

Vanish mirror
Area without silver for good visibility of the image

Bronze mirror appearance

Standard colour of Corian® frame :

List of available colours of Corian® frame :

Available sizes

Included functions

RS232 control / IP control (option) :

  • Control of the main television’s functions
  • Volume control by direct value
  • Backlight control (on or off)
  • Blocking function of the remote control
  • Reading of the functions status of the TV

Infra-red relay 38 kHz :

  • Control of devices deported through the TV
  • Can be connected to a flasher at the rear of the TV in order to relay the emitted signal at the front of the TV
  • Example of use : control of a DVD player hidden in a cabinet

Distinct ON/OFF signals (IR) :

  • Simplification of programming with two separate infra-red signals to turn on and turn off the television
  • Presence on the remote control of 2 buttons for the 2 signals

Customization (options)

Customized glass size

Infra-red deport

  • Infra-red control of the television set from the rear
  • Two separate signals ON and OFF

IP Control

Transducers :

Speaker system located at the rear of the mirror (requires a specific size glass)

**selon les évolutions des produits AGATH