Suitable also for bathrooms

Perfect integration into walls.

Anti-glare or mirror, lounge or sauna...
With the T2 Serie, you make the choice of design and perfect integration.

In wall TV all integrated without ventilation* | Technological upgrading** | Possible customization

• Perfect integration into walls or partition of any room


• Waterproof television sets for bathroom or spa

• Latest generation flat screen

• Unique design not allowing any relief feature to appear

• Television sets complied with the harmony and ambience

• No ventilation needed*

• Possibility custom built models (colour, size, material...)

• Cage fireproof


Glasses available in standard sizes


Bluish mirror

Premium mirror - AGATH exclusivity

Vansih mirror appearance

Anti-glare (from 13¨ to 42¨)

Ideal for very bright surroundings

Super Clear Mirror

Vansih mirror appearance

Customized glasses exclusively :

Vanish mirror

Area without silver for good visibility of the image

Bronze mirror appearance

Available sizes

Included functions

RS232 control / IP control (option) :
    • Control of the main television’s functions
    • Volume control by direct value
    • Backlight control (on or off)
    • Blocking function of the remote control
    • Reading of the functions status of the TV

DC 24V power supply :
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Screen size
21,5’’ (55 cm)
Display area (H/V) (mm)
477 x 268
Aspect ratio
Resolution (pixels)
1920 x 1080
Glass width (mm)
Glass height (mm)
Total depth (mm)
Weight with back box
10 kg
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
15 kg
DC 24V
24V adaptor with 4 meters cable
Included functions
RS232 control / IP control (option)

Infra-red relay 38 kHz :
     • Control of devices deported through the TV
     • Can be connected to a flasher at the rear of the TV in order to relay

        the emitted signal at the front of the TV

     • Example of use : control of a DVD player hidden in a cabinet

Distinct ON/OFF signals (IR) :

    • Simplification of programming with two separate infra-red signals

       to turn on and turn off the television

    • Presence on the remote control of 2 buttons for the 2 signals

Customization (options)

Customized glass size

Stainless steel / aluminium surround

Infra-red deport
    • Infra-red control of the television set from the rear       
    • Two separate signals ON and OFF

IP Control

Transducers :
Speaker system located at the rear of the mirror
(requires a specific size glass)

*until 55¨,**according to changing in AGATH products