Elegantly dressing the walls of your bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms, our TVs are designed to fit a wide range of environments. Conventional televisions take up space and may spoil the careful decoration of many interiors. When you choose our televisions, you won’t have to sacrifice style for technology.

Designed and manufactured in France, AGATH televisions are a combination of components and bespoke, high quality technologies, carefully selected to suit all your projects. You dream it, we make it.


AGATH offers elegant and refined styles for luxury hotels to enhance your client’s stay. Guests can access to hotel information or watch the news while taking a bath or resting in their bedrooms.  Our entertainment solutions blend into your décor for a sophisticated and elegant experience.

Your clients are spared visual pollution of an ordinary, bulky television set and can enjoy the synergy of style and technology. Enhance their stay with our incredibly elegant televisions.


Our mirror-televisions combine high technology and aesthetic appeal, so you don’t have to sacrifice elegant design for high performance.

Our added value is based on the high quality components we use to create your ’Piece of Art’. All our products are designed to blend with your décor and the design and concept of your yacht.

Sophisticated technology combined with an elegant design to give you the ultimate in luxury and performance.


Enhance your company’s image by choosing bespoke AGATH TVs.

Our mirrors with custom glass finishes will delight your visitors.

At AGATH, we understand the importance of elegant design for collaborative spaces.  Either in offices or in sales areas, the refined architecture of our televisions adds a touch of elegance for your customers to enjoy.

Using cutting-edge technology and modern styling, AGATH televisions can adorn the most contemporary spaces. Nothing reflects your company values so much as an AGATH television.