At AGATH, we propose a complete range of televisions especially designed for luxury hotels, allowing you to astonish your clients.

If we do imagine audiovisual solutions that can be integrated in bathrooms and saunas, we also make a point to develop screens that will meet all your other needs and will naturally fit to the image of your establishment.

Throughout the years, we have proven our know-how, from the previous study to the commissioning phase. Our will is to accompany you at each step of your project.

Thanks to the careful selection of our components and to our expertise in terms of conception and style, we guarantee a top reliability.

Concerned with the fact of controlling all the steps of our manufacturing, all our televisions are made in France, which allows us to propose a unique product of top quality level.

Moreover, we do settle a genuine partnership, that guarantee the following of our range through many years.


With this major innovation for the hospitality world, we can control the set top boxes of IPTV systems that you would choose with our waterproof remote control.



In our search for innovation and constant improvement, we aim to develop unique TVs for luxury hotels. This is how we came to create ‘S.E.M’. technology.

S.E.M system is a television in two parts: one part for the panel and another for electronics. You will enjoy a great many advantages from this unique patented system.

You won’t have need to:

  • get the television out from behind a monumental mirror or from the bathroom. This minimises the risk of damaging the glass
  • provide for complex and often expensive systems of pivoting mirrors
  • send two technicians on site, because one will suffice
  • keep a complete television as spare for each size of television. You only need the right electronic module (SD or HD)

Finally, by choosing S.E.M technology, you will be able to upgrade AGATH televisions with new standards at less cost. Indeed, only the electronic module would have to be changed, thus you will make real savings.


Our TVs are unique on the market and offer the highest standards of technical performance, because we use only the latest audio-visual technologies and quality components in their manufacture. More than a stunning visual and an innovative interactivity, our TVs offer optimum sustainability, thanks to the use of components designed to perform in professional screen environments, and to function 24/7.

All our products are manufactured and assembled in France, to assure on-going and reliable quality control. We’re always pushing innovation and quality to meet your needs.


At AGATH, we place customer’s satisfaction at the centre of all decisions We have created a network of professionals all over the world, with a strong presence in France and Europe, to assist and guide our clients, at each step of their project.

We provide a responsive and reliable after-sales service, to answer to all your queries (technical questions, repairs, replacement etc). All our products come with our standard 2 year warranty which can be extended up to 5 years.


We work with partners all over the world to enhance the experience of guests and visitors, thanks to the balance of technology and design.

“I’m glad of my experience as a client of AGATH for mirror and bathroom TVs because AGATH products are very reliable and the service is just perfect. They provided their beautiful products for La Réserve Gabriel Paris. And I will not hesitate to call them again.”

Raphaël Dumez – Project Manager chez Groupe Michel Reybier