Imagine a TV that is an object d’art in its own right!

At AGATH we offer customisable TVs designed to the highest technological and aesthetic standards. You can rely on our experience and and expertise as developers and manufacturers to help you to create a bespoke television, in keeping with your personal taste and the ambience of your home.

Our glasses are specially treated to facilitate a perfect image production, while our custom glass finishes ensure that the screen become invisible when the TV is switched off.


Don’t ask yourself if your new screen will suit your home. Just ask yourself what you want it to look like. We build bespoke solutions for discerning clients.

Visualise and create your project with our help at every stage. We will deal with all the details from the design concept to implementation, so you get a smooth running installation, that perfectly suits your room. Our glasses are available in standard sizes or bespoke, with a range of finishes.

Fancy a mirror screen TV in your bathroom or near your pool? Our televisions are also waterproof. Discover our range of products. 


Our televisions are unique because we select only the very best components, to ensure the highest technological performance. We are also ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest audio-visual technology, rigorously tested glass and mirror finishes.

More than stunning visual and innovative interactivity, our TVs offer optimum sustainability. This is because we use components designed to excel in demanding professional applications. Our screens will perform 24/7. All our products are manufactured and assemble in France, to ensure reliable, on-going quality control.

We’re always pushing innovation and higher quality. We aim to improve our products and processes, to offer the best possible solution for each project and exceed your expectations.


At AGATH, we place customer’s satisfaction at the centre of all decisions.

We have created a network of professionals around the world, with a strong presence in France and Europe, so we can assist and guide our clients, at each step of their project.

We provide a responsive and reliable after-sales service, to answer to all your needs (technical questions, repairs, replacement etc). All our products come with a standard 2 year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years.



Reveal your beautiful, high performance TV in the living room, designed and built to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Customised to enhance your décor, and connected to home automation, it will open your eyes to a whole new experience.


The bedroom becomes the privileged place for a mirror TV. Once it’s switched off, it reverts to an elegant and practical mirror with no TV in sight.


AGATH TVs can be installed everywhere, even in the bathroom. Humidity is no longer a problem with our specially treated screens.


Fancy a television that will wonderfully integrate into this crucial living area? Our in-wall TVs are designed to cope with all the activity at the heart of your home.